+ Candid Glimpse Into A Katoonist’s Morning Routine

Posted By on June 5, 2012

So here you see Chloe working hard at her morning art.  I was hoping to catch her without her noticing, but sure enough she must’ve sensed the camera up in the air being pointed at her.

The view is from my seat at the school desk; and as you can see, Chloe is surrounded by reminders of the cartoon world:  Mistor K is in the background there (you can’t see Pigment).  Spyduck is on his pedastal, and across the top of the drawing desk you see other assorted friends from the Beanie Babie collection.

Chloe’s routine is to come in first thing and get rolling with the next installment of her ongoing saga with Porky, Unit 129, and the rest of the ‘gang’.   Chloe loves her coffee, but only drinks half the cup.  And she rarely remembers to take it back up with her at the end of the school day, so it’s down here, cold and still half-full (or half-empty?).

But I let it go, because the Katoons are becoming more and more brilliant.

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