There’s just so many varying ways to eat healthy.  So many opinions, so many programs and belief systems when it comes to what kind of food to eat, and what kind of food not to eat.  So many of them proclaim they are the true way to live by.  Yet so many differ, and are radically opposed.

Learn about them, and distill from them the truths that work for you, and synthesize them or incorporate them gradually into your life.

In general, however, here are some balanced principles for eating healthy:

– try to avoid food that has no nutritional value.  I don’t say “totally abstain”, but rather “avoid”…because it’s just a fact of this world that you are going to be around some of this in some occasion or other, and no, you can’t be too rigid about it.  Your body is built to handle this.  Not as a way of life, but on occasion.

– try to avoid food and drink with added chemicals and useless/harmful additives.

– try to avoid excessively salty/sugary food and drink.

– try to eat Organic whenever possible.

– remember that meat is more grounding, and vegetables/fruit is more elevating.  If you eat a lot of meat, you will feel more aggressive and physical and rooted towards the animal nature.  Your interests will move towards a materialistic bent.  If you eat mostly fruits and vegetables, you will be more lifted to the mental and spiritual side of life.   Your attention will be more detached from the “things of the ground”.  You want to be sure that you eat balanced so that you function well in this world, living firmly grounded in the world, yet at the same time, not being “of” it.  Every body type is different, yet all are human, and so while there will be variations for each person, the same general principles of healthy and smart food choices are meant for everyone.

– LOTS of raw food is good:  raw fruits and vegetables is so important because the ‘life’ of the food hasn’t been “cooked” out of it.  Yet remember, eating hot food is warming to the heart and soul, and spiritually this is important for you, and spiritual, physical and mental health is not simply a summary of a mechanical equation of scientific food eating.  ”Man does not live by bread alone…but by every word that comes from the mouth of God” (Jesus).

– try to balance your blood alkaline/acid Ph.  Most people’s diets lean heavily to the acidic because of all the meat and acid forming foods they take in.   Remember that an overly acidic environment is the fertile breeding ground for diseases like cancer.

– FASTING is an amazingly powerful tool for the healing and cleansing of the body’s built up toxicity.  The body is designed with a self-healing programming, and fasting is a valuable assisting tool in helping this program to run efficiently and with fantastic results.  And that’s not even mentioning the spiritual fruits that come about.

– remember that you want to have a balance to your diet.  No extremes.  All extremes will bring about extremes in mind, and you will fall out of balance.  Many practice an extreme form of diet, but believe this is “balanced” for them.  They didn’t see or feel the changes taking place in their mind, or their body, which is leaving them weakened in areas they are blind to.  That’s what they have trained their minds to see.  They are seeing what they ‘want’ to see, not what is actually THERE.   Hence you see people too skinny and weak, but they are mentally convinced they are healthy; others are obese and have no idea just what they are doing to themselves; others are so strict about an extreme diet that they become obsessed over their image and it becomes a weird form of vanity.  But the truth is evident when there is enough of the same kind of exterior critque: that the person doesn’t look right, in the body, in the look in their EYES.  Many eat junk and their bodies are constantly being stuffed and they’re getting heavier, yet there’s a feeling that stuffing it is the only way to obtain a sense of satisfaction.  It too isn’t right.  The balance is in moving the body towards its proper size and weight for the skeletal frame.  Any practice which is kept as a lifestyle, which is extreme, is going to be in the end detrimental to the mind, if not the body.

– remember always a working principle that your body is your vehicle, and you take care of it — thus it will take care of you.  Maintain, don’t obsess over it.  It’s yours to use for a time, but don’t invest everything into it, as it’s temporary.  Put things into it that will make it do its job well.  Don’t poison it regularly, because while your body is designed to handle all kinds of less than perfect situations regarding what is put down the pipes, it’s not designed to be continually abused.  There WILL be a problem if this is what you do.

– try to avoid selecting foods/abstaining from foods because of vanity: wanting to look like someone on a magazine cover.  Instead, select things that work to make you feel better, longer, foods that are good for you; have some fun food, too, it doesn’t all have to be SO austere ALL the time…and forget about it.

– 1) exercise, 2) pure water, 3) deep and regular breathing, and 4) healthy food are the foundation corners of keeping a balance of the body while moving through this life.  The first three must go together with the food to make the diet effective.

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